Chibi Storm takes over!


How Dangerous can a Chibi be? Too cute to bear? Too saccharin? All depends on your point of view...

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Hakuyama Creates Havoc 11/15/02

Local Diety Runs Amuck on Neighboring Keenspace Realm, Glamour Lust.


Hakuyama is currently being sought in the cruel and inhumane transformations of the two leading characters in this online comic. Markkastanen si Rhaegal Sartain, the Drakthos blood-sucking vampire was mercilessly turned into a Chibi Monday evening. Legal action is now pending with our own Elfin Lawyer Skydark Blackfell as his counciller, and paramour. Mr. Sartain could not, himself be reached for comment. It appears that he was being fitted for a "sailor suit".


Evil Sorceror MiJKa claims no responsibility after being questioned by authorities, although he has threatened the vampire on numerous occassions.


On Wednesday evening she struck again. Aerael the Resident Sex God and Incubi was turned into a disturbingly adorable pony creature, when it was realized that he could not be safely transformed into a Chibi. As everyone knows,Incubi survive on Lust and as Chibis cannot have sex due to the unseemliness and their tiny weewees, it would have been murderous of our god Hakuyama to cause such a drastic reconfiguration . It is also assumed that Hakuyama only allowed the evil incubi to keep one horn, as she was quoted, "So that no one will mistake you for a cow."


The question now appears to be, how long will Hakuyama leave the Faery Boys of Glamour Lust to suffer? Will their own magicks be enough to over come this heinous crime? And just exactly which one of them is "cuter" right now?

We may never have an answer.