Shichifukujin Counterpart:


The God, He appears, for the most part, a Judeo-Christian entity. Although He may still have Muslim, Buddhist or some pagan virtues and any amount of All-Powerful Supreme Being abilities attributed to any number of gods and goddesses.

He can look like anyone or anything, but for this comic He's about 5'6", Blonde, Stubby about the nose (and body for that matter). His eyes are usually black. He's wearing a lip-ring and earrings. He sports a scraggily goatee. He wears Hawaiian shirts. And He sounds like Crush, the sea turtle in "Finding Nemo". He just wants a vacation to the Islands for a couple of weeks.


The Shichifukujin are probably better known as the Seven Lucky Gods. While considered Japanese, there is actually only one that is native (the others are from China or India). You may also notice that God chose eight instead of seven.


Trevor Black owns and operates a Japanese Restaurant called Takarabune (the "Treasure Ship" of the Shichifukujin). He tries to maintain his composure in dealing with God, but he is seldom successful. The Leader.

He is 29, dark, @6 feet tall, and always seems to have a 5 o'clock shadow. He's also sharp, and always seems to be in the money.


Daikoku, god of Wealth, Prosperity, Farmers, Flood Control and the Kitchen. Introduced from India. Often shown with Ebisu.



Danny Fisher is a High School Guidance Councilor. He also happens to be Trevor's boyfriend. He always seems to be happy. He is always concerned, sympathetic, straight forward and in the company of Trevor. Unless he's at work, he'll be at the restaurant or their apartment. He's not particularly codependent, he just enjoys being in love with his best friend.

He is 25, blonde and blue eyed, 5'10" tall (on a good day), and a bit on the scrawny side.


Ebisu, god of Fisherman, Rice Farmers, Good Fortune and Commerce. He grants success to people in their chosen occupations. The Japanese god.


Eloquence Sharise Dejardins, aka Quince, is the Maintenance Superintendent at the apartments Trevor and Danny live in. She's also their friend, always letting herself in with the passkey.

She is in those indiscernible 20s, and she's a flannel-dyke, her hair is currently blonde and red, her eyes are brown. She is originally from New Orleans and can sometimes be flamboyantly Cajun. She has a tattoo of a Chinese dragon on one arm. And while she claims to have given up on Catholicism, she stills knows more about religion than anyone else in the group. (Must have been the nazi-ruler-nuns of her youth.)


Benzaiten, the goddess of Music, Fine Arts, Eloquence and Literature. She is usually pictured as playing the Japanese Mandolin or Lute. She was introduced from India.

Frank Starbuck is an aging hippie (who still finds it hard to believe he's over 30). He is NOT the founder or heir to THAT coffee franchise. He is apparently retired, because he doesn't have a job, or any known form of income. He's not unhappy about the situation. Spent some years in Canada.

He claims to be 59. His hair is long and graying. And his eyes are green. He wears T-shirts or Hawaiian shirts, or a combination of both. Laid back and easy going, Frank is still known as something of a lech.


Jurojin, a god of longevity, happiness and prosperity. He has a long white beard, and rides a stag, his messenger. He was introduced from China, where he is known as a famous sage.
Big John

Big John Schulz, aka Thor is an Atlanta Motorcycle Cop. He really did join the force because he liked the cut of the uniform. The only thing he misses is his goatee.

John is 35. His hair is regulation short, and it's brown. He has bright blue eyes. He is proud of his Pennsylvania German, and can easy come off as arrogant. He's a big, burly bear under it all. While he is 5'11" in height, his nicknames of both "Big" John, and Thor are not reflective of his stature. (They are attributed to other things.)


Bishamon, is a god of Prosperity, War, and Warriors. Originally a Hindu god, he was one of the guardians of the four cardinal points of the universe. He is the guardian of the North.

Julius Jones, aka J.J, is the youngest member of the group. He is a Senior in High School. He is always giving people the things they need (i.e.: pencils, a lighter, aspirin or tampoon, etc.) from his bottomless backpack.

J.J. is a 17 year old twink, just discovering his sexuality in an overwhelming innocence. He has black hair and dark brown eyes, and he has managed to get an armband tattoo without his mother killing him. He also has a terrible crush on Danny.


Hotei, is a god of contentment and happiness. He has a bag of food and treasure that never empties. He was originally a Chinese monk named Pu-tai. He is known as the Laughing Buddha.

Winston C. Olds, is a retired Food Critic for the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution). The C in his name stands for Churchill. He was born in the '40s and his mother admired the British Prime Minister

Winston is trim, average height and bald. His eyes are hazel. He is a dapper, well spoken and mannered , gentleman. Although, during his college years he was much different, and that's only brought up due to the fact that he knew Frank intimately.


Fukurokuji, is a god of longevity. He has a long white beard, holy staff and scroll. The scroll is said to hold the secret to longevity. In China, he was a famous sage.

Mulan Wu , is young and lovely, and so undecided about her sexuality that she is still a virgin. Her mother is Chinese and her father is African-American. (Yes, his surname is Wu, which is a whole different story.) She plays the mandolin and pretends to be Irish, or at least Wiccan. She's not known to have a steady job, although she does help out at a local Coffee House quite often.

Mulan is 21. She is probably around 5'7". Her hair is a dark brown and her eyes are green. (And she still doesn't understand the pun surrounding her name.)


And sometimes:
, borrowed from India. She is sometimes represented as scattering gems of luck which can be used to make wishes. She really hasn't been known for doing anything of significance.

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